Lovers. Elopements. Boudoir. Babymoons.

Sessions starting at $500. Elopements starting at $1000.

I truly believe that the investment you make with your photographer is the most important investment you can make. You have one life to live, why not document the times?


My family had a tragedy recently (Nov. 2018) where we lost the remaining members of my mom’s side of the family. I traveled to Oregon to be with her and go through her family home; the home she grew up in. The farm I spent many summers of my childhood playing in the fields, picking blackberries, bottle-feeding calves, playing games, and just being together. While it was the most trying and emotionally, mentally, and physically challenging time of my life personally, I can’t imagine what it must be like for my dear mama. We spent 2 weeks going through belongings, talking story about the old days, and we did a whole lot of crying, too. But the one thing that will hold fast in my heart and mind are the photos. SO MANY PHOTOS! (Thank you Grandma for making copies upon copies of photos so we can pass them down.) Photos dating back to the late 1800’s of our family. Images of my mom when she was a baby. Photos of my uncle growing up. My mom missed that part of his life because she got married and moved away at a young age. She learned things about her family she didn’t necessarily know or remember and I learned things about my grandparents and great grandparents I may not have ever known without coming across these images. Without having anyone left to answer questions, those images are more precious than gold. Heritage, tradition, events, history, culture, and even characteristics and physical traits can be brought out in photos.

I have always known since I was young what power images hold. I became enamored by National Geographic when I was 4 or 5 and knew that photographing people, places, and things was what I wanted, no, NEEDED to do with my life. This experience changed me. It made me see the world even more differently than I already did. And all for the best. PLEASE do not let moments pass you by. Don’t ever think you don’t look good enough or aren’t thin enough or you aren’t in your best dress. Don’t disappear from life. And for goddess’ sake: Do not leave images on your phone to fade with time and be lost. Just get them printed!! When paying for a professional photographer to snap those pics, be sure to at least try and go through them for professional prints, too. They last longer and you paid for expensive images so pay for those color-calibrated, crisp, professional-grade prints, too. WORTH IT. Oh, and label those pics with names and dates. This is imperative. You can exist forever in images and people will thank you now or 50 years from now. Your children will thank you. Your siblings. Your significant other. YOU. You will thank yourself one day, I swear it.

When you book with me, I promise a fun and memorable experience for you and your loved one(s) and beautiful photographs that you will cherish forever; photos you will want to display on your walls and break the Internet with (thank you, Instagram). Remember picture frames? Yeah. Those still exist. Buy them. Fill them and hang them on your walls. Be proud of who you are!

I strive for real emotion, moody moments, and genuine feelings. Messy or not, this is real life so let's capture just that- windy hair, sand on your skin, flowers in your hair, overcast skies, kisses in the tropical sunlight, and magical moments are what make my heart thump. I work by talking with you prior to and throughout your session by getting to know you. I will give direction, ideas, and put you into poses with series of actions/movements. Although I do love to photograph poses, that’s just the starting point. You are free to be yourself with me. The only expectation is that you trust in me and try your best to not think too hard about the camera that is there. It is capturing your essence and creating lifelong memories to cherish. Forget it and just BE.

I am your girl if you want someone who is personable, in love with their job and photographing that beautiful bond between you and your lover or, if through portraiture, I am capturing that beautiful connection and love you may have with yourself. And visa-versa on that: If you need a boost of self-esteem, a shoot with me will give you just that.

I am somebody that is just a little bit different than all the rest of the competition. Or at least I like to think so. ; )

The images you receive will be out of the ordinary, moody, full of life and details.... A story of our time together. My imagery tends to be on the darker, moodier side with many of my favorite selections done in black and white. This moody style is my signature and so I do not stray from that. If you feel like you are more into brighter, colorful imagery, I may not be the photographer for you but that is okay! I would be more than happy to try and help direct you to someone who would fit your vision.

If you are wanting an adventure and a one-of-a-kind session, leave it to me. These sessions are not for the faint of heart! Whether we enjoy a beach stroll together or we are hiking through the mud in Waimea Canyon, each session will include some mild to moderate cardio (walking short/long distances, some climbing, etc.). Also, I hope you don't mind changing on the go because once we start, we won't go back to our starting point until we are done exploring. Don't be scared of the wind either... we can always make it work in our favor and it creates the most magical movement in your images. Kaua’i is a unique place and we do tend to get a lot of rain. It is the Garden Isle after all. But please don’t let that scare you and DO NOT CHECK THE WEATHER FOR KAUA’I! It more often than not has proven to be inaccurate and can cause unnecessary stress. So leave it to me. If you’re curious about the weather, look out the window. That’s the best advice. We will shoot no matter the weather (unless it is a monsoon. Then we will reassess OR take our clothes off and dance in the rain!)

I would be ecstatic to talk more about your special day. Let's get coffee or a beer, set up a FaceTime conversation, and to get to know each other.

I also love to create raw, organic botanical arrangements for your big day such as bouquets, haku, flower anklets and more. Want to know more? Just ask. And if I am unable to help with your vision, my go-to florist is absolutely the best.

Yes! I do offer Lifestyle Family Sessions as well. Although I do not often display these sessions, I do love them very much and offer them up a few times a year. These Family Sessions are raw and real. We will get dirty/muddy. We will get wet and sandy. We will stain our clothing. BUT- we will document real life images of your real life family. So if you are in the market for some pastel matching polo shirt and khaki short posed family portraits, I am sorry but I will have to direct you elsewhere. Not that I don’t love a family that knows what they like. It just isn’t for me. I want barefoot, wind-in-your-hair, stop to climb every tree kind of families who aren’t afraid to be themselves with me. If this is you and how you want your Kaua’i vacation or your island life documented, then let’s do it!

Email me to inquire about these limited family sessions.

Sessions starting at $500

Elopements/Intimate Weddings starting at $1000