I am a mom to two beautiful little free souls (one boy (10), one girl(7)) and we live on the magical tiny island of Kaua'i, Hawai'i.
I love tattoos, art, nature & animals, oddities, plants and flowers, cloudy skies, and delicious food (eating it and cooking it). If I am not out on a photo-adventure, I am painting or cooking. My passion for photography turned into a small business about 8 years ago and I have never looked back. It just keeps growing and thriving and I could not be more thankful or happy. 

I am absolutely in love with this tiny magical rock that we live on and enjoy sharing it with like-minded people who not only wish to visit and experience the magic of Kaua'i but those who appreciate Mother Kaua'i enough to preserve her, protect her, to try to understand her, and to leave her just a bit better than she was when they arrived. There aren't many places like Kaua'i on this planet. She is a fragile ecosystem of extraordinary beauty. 

My Ohana moved here about 3 years ago. I truly felt like I had been homesick my whole life before that. Originally from Oregon, I grew up spending time between there, Utah, and Maui where my family had a summer home. My heart was stolen by Hawai'i the first time I can even remember being here. And there it stayed until the call to come Home was too great to ignore any more. Kaua'i either takes you under her wing or chews you up and spits you out and I am happy to say we are all still alive and well.... better than ever.

Incorporating this beautiful island into my imagery is only half the magic. The other half comes from the gracious and lovely humans that entrust in me to capture them in their raw moments; people that believe me when I say: "Go a little further out." "Go deeper into the water." "Just climb halfway up that tree trunk!" (All things you will hear from me on our adventures together, I assure you.). That's when and how the magic happens- You trust in me and I believe in you and something amazing happens.

I cannot tell you how touched I am every single time people open up to me and show me their vulnerability. I have never considered myself a "people person" but since moving here and having the pleasure of meeting so many people from so many different places around this amazing planet I guess I may just have become a "people person". I enjoy hearing stories of people's lives, where they live, where they've traveled, and what experiences Kaua'i has offered them during their time here. I am utterly in awe at the humans I meet. Everyone is different yet we are all one. Isn't that pure awesomeness?! I sure think so.

I am unapologetically me- I am not shy. Let's just leave it at that. Even if we end up having nothing in common, I assure you that we will have a great time.

I want your photographic experience with me to be just that- an experience. I love people and getting to know what makes them each unique as individuals and as a couple. What gets your heart racing? What gives you peace of mind? What makes you giggle? 

If you are an individualist.... If you are a person that stands out.... If you have a fun personality and dress to show it.... If you're madly in love and want the world to know.... If you want images that are not run-of-the-mill and you actually want to genuinely get along and have a great time with the person taking your photos.... I am your girl. I am easy to get along with and love meeting people on case you didn't gather that from my story above, hahaha). Email me. Call me. Let's set up a session. Let's meet up and grab a coffee/drink before we begin our session. Or lets have a beer as we stroll along photographing. I am always up for adventure whether that be in my own backyard (the beautiful island of Kaua'i!) or traveling out of state/country. I am ready. Let's go. 

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